Our experience, equipment and professionalism enables us to produce a high quality end product even in the most volatile weather patterns, allowing us to maintain a greater stability of supply to you throughout the whole year.

The bales are wrapped fresh from the field immediately after baling with six layers of plastic and marked with a code for full traceability.

None of the bales are re-packaged in any way to make the smaller sizes, once sealed they stay that way until feeding, avoiding secondary fermentation that can affect other brands on the market. Three sizes are available all in a round bale format for ease of handling.

We offer a full delivery service spanning several counties around Lincolnshire. Choose your load size and frequency throughout the year in order to match your storage space and rate of use as the seasons change (min and max loads apply).

Our Land Rovers with trailers make deliveries on the tightest domestic drives and yards possible even with the max load of 33 standard bales (3. 3 tonnes).

For customer convenience our drivers offer exact placement within reason, of both the standard and half size bale, on fields, yards or in stables and feed rooms with a standard size doorway.

Together with card payment by phone, or online payment (cash and cheques still accepted), you don’t need to be present to take delivery, and when you arrive home the hard work’s been done, just start feeding.

To maintain a good long term customer relationship we are committed to after sales care, storage and feeding advice.